Who is 

Patriot Backtalk?

Patriot Backtalk stands for what we are convinced is right. 

We exist to uphold biblical truth; whether or not it’s convenient and comfortable. 

We exist to defend the Constitution of the United States, the document that defines what our government is supposed to be, what it is supposed to do, and guarantees certain rights to us as citizens and as creations of God Almighty. 

We exist to protect our legacy of freedom. God created us with freewill, He established governments to maintain law and order that we may exercise that freewill, our nation was founded on the principle of freedom of conscience. We will defend that principle as well as the rights that have been guaranteed to help protect it.

Patriot Backtalk exists to speak the truth, stand for freedom, and stir up involvement in our great Republic. We want to pass on the legacy of freedom to our children and our grandchildren; we also want to teach them to stand strong, preserving liberty for generations to come. 

We have to talk back at those who threaten our legacy of freedom. We cannot remain silent. 

Speak Truth, Stand for Freedom, Stir Up Involvement

We are the ones who stand in the gap for the legacy of freedom in America.

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Meet the Team

Kyle Johnson

Lead Producer

Kyle started Patriot Backtalk as an idea; an avenue to not only express his own thoughts and convictions, but also to encourage others to stand up for what they believe. This remains his mission today! As lead host and producer of Patriot Backtalk, Kyle works to research the stories and issues of the world today and put them together in a way that gives the audience clarity on what’s really going on. In addition, he seeks to offer real ways for them to get involved in the solution. As a husband, father, blue-collar-working, gun-loving, American Patriot, Kyle's involvement in PatBack allows him the opportunity to rouse other Freedom-Loving men and women to be loud and proud about their God-given rights!

Garrett Johnson 


Garrett joined Patriot Backtalk to call out the corruption and protect the God-given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights of American citizens. A gunsmith by trade with a degree from Trinidad State College, you'd be hard pressed to find a more ardent Patriot; especially regarding the fundamental right to keep and bear arms in defense of our homes and freedom. Working as co-producer, Garrett conducts large amounts of research on the topics covered in each PatBack episode. His experience dealing with instances of government overreach, especially in the realm of the 2nd Amendment, give him a particularly helpful understanding of the challenges to freedom in the United States. 

Zach Ulrich 

Resource Specialist

Zach is an educator. Holding a Master of Arts in History, he understands the grand story of this great nation. He enjoys researching and gathering information so that it can be distributed to anyone who seeks knowledge. Utilizing his technical skills and experience, Zach fills the roll of Resource Specialist. He runs the digital footprint of Patriot Backtalk, ensuring followers, fans, and viewers can access all the information we have to offer. Whether he is writing the latest Taking Point article, posting to social media, or updating the website with all the latest info, Zach works hard to make sure everyone has access to PatBack's mission.

DJ Doerrler 

AV Technician

DJ became part of the Patriot Backtalk because, as a husband and father of four, he is fully aware of the damage our liberal society is inflicting on homes and families in America and wants to make a difference. Like most of the PatBack team, DJ is a blue collar worker with his finger on the pulse of real American life and he's not afraid to speak up for what is right. As a videographer and editor, DJ possesses the unique skills to further PatBack’s mission by providing quality videos for our followers. He also provides down-to-earth, practical commentary on the issues discussed in each episode.